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The Dark Horse Region

The Dark Horse Region
A View into the center of the Milky Way

Saturday, June 16, 2012

She was beautiful that's for sure.  Great lines...wonderful build...graceful in movement.  I couldn't keep my eyes off her...absolutely stunning she was.  She came to life back in 1968...rolled out of the factory with her candy apple red coat and through the years was owned by several loving owners...they must have taken very good care of her for today she was as beautiful as she was on the showroom floor...Probably the most aesthetically pleasing vehicle ever designed...The Chevy Super Sport SS.

On this day, this wonderfully restored classic car was one of hundreds that cruised up and down the main drag in Bowling Green, Ky and eventually came to rest together with most of the others later that evening.  As I strolled around the parking lot affectionately admiring all the classic cars...I couldn't help but remember back to the days of my youth when Friday night was cruis'n night and many of the same kinds of vehicles that now graced this parking area rolled through the night...American Graffiti style.

Gasoline was maybe 34 cents a gallon back then, even less at the then new self service could cruise all night on $5.00 of it.  What a time it was...spur of the moment drag races...smoking tires...classic hot rod songs playing on the girl by your side sitting at the local drive-in watching a movie...well...there was a movie playing much got watched is probably open for interpretation.

I loved those classic cars...that was a time when you could easily identify a vehicle at first glance...'55 Chevy...'67 Super Sport...GTO...Roadrunner (beep beep)...Shoot, today's cars all look alike where function dictates style...not so back was everything...and man did they ever have lots of it.  Open the hood and all you'd see was a big ole engine with lots of space around it where you could for the most part easily get to all the parts for repairs.  Open the hood today and what you see is one big mess of hoses, cables, wires, and black boxes that who knows what they do.  Drop a tool inside the old classics engine compartment and it would fall all the way to the so with today's cars and it simply disappears never to be seen again.

Yeah those were the days alright...seeing these old cars many of them...reaffirms the special nature of not only those vehicles, but what they meant to a generation...the two were certainly joined at the hip by time and circumstance, and even though time has separated us from those moments, the connection and love affair we had with those old cars will never fade.

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