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The Dark Horse Region

The Dark Horse Region
A View into the center of the Milky Way

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Personal Vision

One important but often overlooked concept of photography I've grown to understand more and more over the years is the idea of having a personal vision for what you want to accomplish. Understandably, most people are not inclined to think of their photographic endeavors as much more than simple attempts at taking decent pictures of the family and friends. There are a lot of merits to that approach. It certainly is less stressful and easier to accomplish.

Serious photographers possess a different attitude about what they want to accomplish. Often they carry within them an artistic value that desires an outlet and photography offers to them an obtainable avenue to accomplish those desires. When we begin to rely too much on others to support that outlet is when we find ourselves being disappointed.

Having a personal vision is fundamental for all great artists. I would venture a guess that those who succeeded in their personal adventures to reach the pinnacle of their artistic talents have discovered how to effectively blend vision with action. Yet, no amount of blending will ever occur until there is first a vision and then proper action applied at the right time. Most of us never fully realize this. It's a shame really, because the world would certainly be a more beautiful place if we did.

What hold us back? I would guess there are about as many reasons as there are people seeking answers to that question. In reality, a vision comes from within and is nurtured into maturity by circumstance and desire. It is first recognizing that it exists, then making the effort to refine it, mold it, strengthen it, and focus it. By doing so, we can often discover new revelations about ourselves. Photography is a great way to open the doors to those discoveries.

I once heard it said that within all photographs reside two people; the person who sees it, and the person who took it. In photographs that capture the imagination anyone who sees it is able to place themselves into that moment of capture, and each captured moment expresses a part of who we are as photographers. Don't under estimate a personal vision for your photography, and more importantly, never allow others to deflate your vision simply because they are unable to see it.


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