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F-4 Phantom

F-4 Phantom
F-4 Phantom

Friday, July 19, 2013


Many times I have photographed subjects only to have them turn out rather flat and ordinary. It
is frustrating for sure because that is not what I expect from my efforts. I am not a perfectionist by any stretch, but I know what I want from my photographs and when I am unable to achieve that level I am disappointed.

It is a struggle for most photographers to continually attain that high level of achievement. Maybe we expect too much of ourselves and need to simply chill out and get back to enjoying what we do and not worry so much about all of that. Then again, maybe it is because we do desire to achieve a high standard that we keep trying. When I view amazing images taken by amazingly talented photographers, I catch a glimpse of what is possible and that encourages me to continue striving for higher standards. Even so, I realize that I must find that avenue of expression that is unique to my heart’s desires. To do so is to make a personal connection that extends from a single element of discovery, through your vision, across time to all who may view that captured moment of light.

A successful photograph transcends simple mechanics where technical elements by themselves will not produce a great photograph. What produces one is your ability to interpret from the heart. Passion is what stirs it. Emotion is what drives it. Skill is what captures it. Being able to connect  all three is the desired result. Effectively interpreting a scene visually where the end result generates an emotional connection between you, the moment, and the viewer requires more than basic technical skills. Technique is important for sure, but this kind of approach requires a personal revelation. It requires that you give up something of yourself from inside to gain a deeper perspective of the impact you desire to capture. This does not always materialize simply from what you see visually. It requires you to see beyond the obvious and look more deeply into what is being revealed emotionally…the revelations that are truly unique moments of discovery.

Moments of discovery like this do not always appear on cue. They are rare happenings when circumstance, place, light, and personal insight come together. The personal insight part is the most difficult to interpret and then apply for it depends on your emotional state and how you react to the other three elements. 

Photography is about making connections through emotional interpretations of moments of light.


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Cathy said...

Beautiful pictures~ You must have a wonderful camera to catch such tiny details! God's creation is awesome! ♥♥♥