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Prairie Sunrise

Prairie Sunrise
Prairie Sunrise

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Have You Ever?

Have you ever seen a prairie sunrise?

Have you ever felt the prairie wind or heard it sing with a soft voice?

Have you ever stood alone atop a prairie knoll and lifted your eyes toward a sky filled with blue so deep you want to pull it close with your embrace? Have you ever felt truly alone with nature in a place where even when spinning slowly you see nothing man made?

Have you ever stood fully exposed in the face of a prairie storm?

Have you ever sat motionless on the downward roll of a prairie arroyo as the day fell toward a new slumber wishing it would never end?

Have you ever cast your hopes toward the heavens riding on the wings of prairie birds?

Have you ever truly let go and felt at one with creation?

There is a place where all of your have-you-ever's can be discovered then locked away inside the memory of your soul...Have you ever tried to find it?

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