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The Dark Horse Region

The Dark Horse Region
A View into the center of the Milky Way

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Back To My Roots - Standing On Solid Ground

We walked along the old abandoned golf cart path that weaved over and around the remains of a golf course. Where greens once spread  their manicured surfaces, weeds now grew. Where sandtraps once glinced in the sun, they were now inundated with scraggly looking thorny growth. The bridge that arched across a large pond was still there, but its once glowing white paint was flaking off and it was in need of repairs. It was a shame in a way to see this once wonderfully scenic area crumbling from what was a pretty nice course. But, in a way it was a good thing because here nature was reclaiming its own, and that is good for a photographer. The scenic deposit discovered here only increased in value with its slow return to nature.

Early fall in Kentucky can be some of the best times to get out as a photographer. On this late afternoon the wind was not a factor and the sun began to slip below the openings in the thick cover of rolled clouds. A rich vibrance spread across the scene, one only nature can supply. At once I knew this was a special moment.

I enjoy all kinds of photography; nature, wildlife, scenic, portraits, astrophotography. My roots lie in landscapes and sometimes I tend to fall away from what I know best to explore other avenues of expression. Overall it is a good thing to branch out and try new things, but, it is good to return to those roots, for there is where my creative desires find solid ground.

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